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Energy is Our Business


What We Do

Maintenance of power station equipment by Dubacel workers

Our focus as an oil and energy services company is on the supply of cost-efficient spare parts and equipment to power companies, heavy industries, and oil and gas plants in Nigeria. 

At the same time, we are steadily developing a reputation in the area of equipment maintenance. Our company has executed several demanding fabrication projects. We have even been willing to take on the challenge of complex Instrumentation and Control (I & C) repair work, employing our capabilities to twin the talents of local engineers with the experience of their foreign counterparts, either by the use of "hotline" (over-the-phone) consultations or by making the arrangements for these experts to come to Nigeria in person. 

"Supplies and Maintenance" with quality service, that is what we do. Read more  


Who We Are

Dubacel's management conducts a visiting team around a project site

Based in Port Harcourt, we are located in the nerve centre of the energy industry of Nigeria, the world's eighth largest oil exporter (Sources: WhichCountry.co and Wikipedia, 2016).  

A core management team charts the direction of the company. Supporting it are a number of engineers drawn from across the engineering spectrum. In the field, a select group of sales representatives deliver items not only to clients in Port Harcourt, but also in other parts of the country. A similar group of artisans carries out the company's maintenance and installation work. They are further supplemented by the recruitment of skilled workers from local communities - thereby empowering local economies - whenever the need arises.

An emerging player in the EPCM field in Nigeria, that is who we are. Read more  

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